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0002961Bug Report2020-09-15 12:07
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Summary0002961: rump in church on saturday when arrested (and other cosmetics i find)
Descriptioni am on consuela's route looking to get her a job, and rump is in there texting on his phone despite him being arrested as part of main story. should be a different background to reflect him being no longer in town. Will update this bug report with other cosmetics as i find them


related to 0002032 confirmedKennyannydenny Inconsistancies with Tony and Maria on sunday morning 




2020-09-11 03:55

reporter   ~0005033

another cosmetic, see bug 0002032 about tony and maria being in church on sunday which is fixed, but on saturday it occurs as well.


2020-09-12 23:28

reporter   ~0005041

another cosmetic i found, on jenny's route when looking on her laptop to link it to mine, she is not showing up in her bed. however when i go in the attic and check the peephole there she is.


2020-09-13 00:18

reporter   ~0005042

rump is also present behind the mc when dating jenny while on her route.


2020-09-13 14:24

reporter   ~0005050

Roz, Tony, and Maria are all also both at church and work at the same time on Saturdays, and Roz is at church and work at the same time on Sundays.


2020-09-15 07:56

updater   ~0005065

These Church inconsistanties are well known and might not be fixed for a long while, especially since the characters are part of the background in the Church. We will be looking into all three reported inconsistanties, but we cannot give an ETA on any fix (as of yet).


2020-09-15 12:07

reporter   ~0005069

it's alright, no big hurry :) just merging all of them together in a common area :) these are purely cosmetic and do not prevent any gameplay :)

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