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0002032Bug Report2020-09-15 07:56
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Summary0002032: Inconsistancies with Tony and Maria on sunday morning
DescriptionSo on Sunday morning both Tony and Maria are in Church attending the ceremony. But when you go to Tony's Pizzaria they're also both there. Shouldn't the pizzaria be closed on sunday morning so they can actually go to church?


related to 0002961 confirmedaxios rump in church on saturday when arrested (and other cosmetics i find) 




2019-07-11 14:13


Base Profile Screenshot 2019.07.11 - (311,953 bytes)


2019-11-15 13:50

updater   ~0003654

This is also in 0.19.1 and happens on both saturday and sunday.


2019-12-18 19:19

updater   ~0004059

With the pizzeria, Maria, the priest, church, etc getting an update on in the next version, maybe this is something to look at whilst at it.


2019-12-19 13:15

updater   ~0004061

This issue is trivial, and it will be addressed in the same way as the inconsistencies in the scenes seen through the telescope, i.e. once all the stories are included in the game.


2019-12-19 13:24

updater   ~0004062

Ok, also fine by me. Whatever works best for DC. I just thought, since all the assets related to these things were getting updated, (and maybe the scene above also since we got a new priest that isn't blond) the team might wanted to update the opening times of the pizzeria (as in close the shop on saturday and sunday morning), but no probs.


2020-07-31 10:58

updater   ~0004963

This won't get fixed for a long while as these things are done after all routes are in the game and updated where needed. But changed to confirmed and updated the version.


2020-09-08 01:26

reporter   ~0004972

I think it was fixed in 0.20.5. I am going to pizzeriaa on sunday and it says that "Summerville's bylaws dictate that no one may consume pizza on Sundays)


2020-09-08 07:47

updater   ~0004983

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This has been fixed in 0.20.5 for sundays, the pizzeria is now closed on sundays. It still happens on saturdays though as the pizzeria is open then.

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