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0002031Bug Report2020-01-13 17:45
Status closedResolutionwon't fix
Summary0002031: Inconsistancies when trying to enter Mia's house on Sunday morning
DescriptionSo, when looking at Mia's room through the telescope on sunday morning she's there in her room powdering her face.

When going to her front door and trying to enter, the MC says: "Mia is outside, I shouldn't go in there". Which is weird as she is a) shown as being in there through the telescope, b) she's not outside the house, and c) she's not in church either, only her mother, Roz, Rump, Tony and Maria, and Annie.

So either he's saying the right thing, and the telescope scene is incorrect (and she's somewhere in town that's not outside her house, nor church) or he's in there and the sentece is incorrect.




2019-07-11 14:08




2019-07-11 15:08

updater   ~0002907

The bug of "Mia outside" on weekend days has already been reported twice:

The bug of the telescope has also already been reported on many occasions:

Please do a search before opening a new bug report.


2019-07-11 15:20

updater   ~0002908

I did search before posting this, please don't suggest I didn't unless you want to get me pissed.

It's great it has been reported in the past but those bug reports are from version 0.14, and the problem is still there, 0.15 didn't fix it. Also, what Dogeek says about "Also she's in the science classroom" doesn't make any sense. It's sunday, the school is closed.

Didn't know that the telescope scenes was random. Ignore that part than. It still doesn't make any sense she's 'outside' but nowhere to be found at all. She's not outside, she's not at school (closed), she's not at church...


2019-07-11 15:27

updater   ~0002909

I always point out bugs that have already been reported because people 99% of the time do not do any research. As you made no reference to the bugs already reported, I naturally assumed that this research had not been done.


2019-07-11 15:30

updater   ~0002910

Well you assumed wrong. I always search before posting something, but not every time I actually find all of those, as you have to search for terms, and for example "Mia house" doesn't come up with any of those you linked, and I searched for that.

Anyhow, the bug still stands. It was said it was fixed in 0.15 but the same situation still appears, Mia is 'outside' but actually isn't. Maybe the sentece will just need changing to "Mia is not at home" instead of 'outside'. Maybe she's outta town for the morning as she doesn't appear anywhere.


2020-01-13 17:45

updater   ~0004343

Inconsistencies concerning the main character's telescope are now redirected to the report 0002608 that lists them all.
Mia's route is planned to be completely revised. Her schedule will be reworked at the same time.

With both matters answered, this report is now closed.

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