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0000587Bug Report2019-07-11 12:38
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Summary0000587: It's possible to trigger the scene where Roxy calls Dexter stupid at night time.
DescriptionI basically went to the basketball court at night time and it started the dialogue between Roxy and Dexter where she calls him stupid at day time since the art only covers a day time version of this dialogue. I have a feeling this scene was only supposed to be triggered while the sun's out.




2018-08-23 15:33

updater   ~0001094

This event should not be cut in half. After the dialog between the three characters in the school hall, Eve and MC should be moved to the basketball court directly.

As for bug 0000983, when you offer the choice to the player to do something unrelated to the current event, you increase the risk of mixing the quests (and the bugs that go with). This event doesn't require stats, objects or money, and it doesn't add time. So why interrupting the (short) story?

Basketball.jpg (226,741 bytes)
Basketball.jpg (226,741 bytes)


2018-11-22 17:02

updater   ~0001261

To complete the report, this bug also happens later in Roxxy's storyline when she is missing at school and arguing with Dexter in the basketball court.

Basketball2.jpg (239,273 bytes)
Basketball2.jpg (239,273 bytes)


2019-07-11 12:38

updater   ~0002895

Related (but not duplicate of) to bug report 0000542.
0000542: Roxxy and Dexter's scenes on the basketball court can be delayed at night.
0000587: Roxxy and Dexter's scenes on the basketball court can be delayed to weekend.

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