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0003581Bug Report2024-06-11 17:18
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Summary0003581: Jenny jar cookie
DescriptionI've been trying to figure out what event I'm missing for days, at the moment I don't know what it is, I try to go to the upstairs loft to look across the carpet at Jenny's room and it's always the same. without skipping the masturbation event, and I've already tried all the sites, I don't know if it's because it's not there yet or if there is some error.


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2024-06-11 00:12


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2024-06-11 00:17

reporter   ~0005624

I don't get this event blocked either, looking through the telescope in all time slots and on all days of the week.

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IMG_20240611_021514.jpg (24,747 bytes)


2024-06-11 17:18

developer   ~0005625

I recommend visiting our Discord #help channel if you require assistance playing the game and unlocking scenes.

The Jenny scene is accessed via the rug in the attic, and unlocks correctly once you find it in game. Consider things like time of day and where Jenny is when attempting to find it. If you need further assistance, as above, I recommend our Discord.
The Mrs. Johnson scene is not currently unlockable, and this has already been remedied in preparation for the next preview.

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