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0003563Bug Report2024-07-02 20:49
Status resolvedResolutionfixed
Summary0003563: Clicking on wrench in inventory adds to shopping cart
DescriptionAfter purchasing the wrench at Consum-R, while on the leaky pipe quest where you need it, if you click on the wrench in your inventory it goes to a black screen with blurred-out "image "anon_bag not found." in the upper left corner and replays the dialogue from when you first purchased it, then it gives you the option to put in your basket. If you do so it leaves you inventory and you have to go back to Consum-R to buy it again. This does not occur after you've completed the quest, or if you buy the wrench before reaching the quest.




2024-06-05 01:13

developer   ~0005598

Thanks for the report. We've been able to reproduce and confirm this issue and will be working on it in the near future.


2024-07-02 20:49

developer   ~0005647

This will be fixed in the release due at the end of this month.

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