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0003452Bug Report2022-09-23 09:01
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Summary0003452: Block in debbie diane threesome due to jenny camshow using up the evening
DescriptionIn Discord-Help edWin reported: (No details of Platform/OS or Version)
I think i softlocked my game.
After the scene where Debbie and Jenny catches you in the sofa with diane, she takes you to your room and then tells you to come see her in her room.
When I leave the room, i automatically start the event where jenny is having her camshow and you get cought looking. This turns the time from evening to midnight and sends me back to my room.
Now if i click on anything it says "i should visit Debbie in her room". But if i go there she just has the normal dialogue and options as if you would go there at night.
Even if i click all the options including sleep with debbie it says "you are well rested" but it's still midnight and it says "i still have something I need to do".
I think the jenny event screwed the timing and now I can't progress.




2022-09-18 17:43

reporter   ~0005483

Not sure how they managed this. I couldn't find a way to pick up the bag of stolen goods and not be able to give it to Harold


2022-09-23 09:01

reporter   ~0005484

Ignore that last note I it got muddled up with another issue in Help

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