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0003447Bug Report2024-01-24 02:04
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Summary0003447: Menu overlap problem with DeWitt sexy dance 2nd time and beyond
DescriptionAfter completing Ms. DeWitt's route. When going back for additional sexy time after the 1st, choose to have her dance for you.

Once she gets to the point where she's stripped completely, the scene menu with "Keep watching - Finish" and the slower/faster options overlaps the main quick option menu at the bottom of the screen.

Usually the quick options menu isn't available in the interactive sexy scenes, as it's not available before (during the fully clothed or underwear portions of the dance) or after (during the sex). But the naked dance portion has the quick options menu which gets overlapped by the scene menu.

Makes it very difficult to use the "Slower" option without accidentally clicking on Hide or Skip, or the "Faster" option without accidentally clicking on Quick Save or Quick Load.

Happens in the default resolution, full screen and any manual resizing of the window.




2022-07-21 13:05




2022-07-21 15:14

reporter   ~0005481

Also looks like this happens with Dewitts blowjobs



2024-01-24 02:04

reporter   ~0005499

Still happening in 20.16

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