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0003299Bug Report2021-08-11 18:32
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Summary0003299: Minigames move in slowmotion
DescriptionA lot of the minigames move in slowmotion for example: the guitar hero, rapping, milking, shooting and possibly others i haven't gotten to yet. I've been digging around in the code and it seems to happen with minigames that use the clock() or something related to that logic. Because many other games are fine for example both the pizza minigames the dexterity, strength, int and others i can't really think of right now. I hope this helps if i need to post logs or something let me know. As i've typed this out i realize slow motion isn't very clear in the guitar hero minigame 1 note would pop up move to the left takes about 10 -15 seconds i hit it correctly then wait for 5 - 10 seconds for the next one to pop into view etc.

Pop!_OS 21.04
AMD Ryzen 5 5600x
Nvidia GTX 1080TI




2021-08-11 15:31

updater   ~0005350

Try pressing Shift+g, choosing 60 as the framerate, and then clicking "Return" at the bottom.


2021-08-11 18:32

reporter   ~0005351

It does feel slightly faster for the guitar hero minigame but that could be a placebo i'll try to measure it tomorrow, doesn't help much for the other games i tinkered with the milking minigame until it was playable and i changed

if not ((clock()-self.start_timer)*1000 < self.MILKING_TIME

from *100 to *1000 i believe and now i can at least progress.

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