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0003274Bug Report2021-07-28 22:24
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Summary0003274: Can't access Tony and Maria's apartment to grab the duffel bag
DescriptionI have to get the duffel bag out of Tony's apartment but the MC is always saying he can't show up uninvited. There's a hint for a Maria quest that her apartment in 302 and I have to help her with her bags, however, I can't seem to find her in the lobby. I tried doing different solutions that I had found online but it still won't do anything.




2021-07-08 08:06


Screen Shot 2021-07-08 at 6.05.23 pm.png (929,053 bytes)
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2021-07-09 10:04

reporter   ~0005336

Can confirm, have this issue as well.


2021-07-28 10:11

reporter   ~0005345

I am also stuck in the main story. It seems that if you don't help Maria out with groceries when she's pregnant, you can't enter the apartment for the main quest later. I have tried everything to force the Maria groceries scene, but haven't been able to succeed. I have also tried to access their bedroom through the cheats scene, but am not allowed to pick up the duffel bag. Have also tried to add the duffel bag to my inventory, but when talking to Tony the game doesn't know I have it, and he asks me still to get it from their appartment.

This bug really sucks :/


2021-07-28 22:13

reporter   ~0005346

I finally found a way to get through to the scene where Maria opens the door to Apartment 302. I teleported to "Livingroom". And then I was at the door where Maria opened up, and was able to get to the duffel bag.


2021-07-28 22:17

reporter   ~0005347

Well that didn't actually work. I am now in the livingroom, but not able to go to the bedroom..

bug.jpg (105,436 bytes)
bug.jpg (105,436 bytes)


2021-07-28 22:24

reporter   ~0005348

I found a way to jump through and get the bag. You have to enable cheats, and "unlock" the livingroom, and then move player to livingroom. Then you trigger the Maria at the door scene, and can move inside the apartment, and grab the bag from the bedroom.

jump through bug.jpg (331,536 bytes)

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