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0003222Bug Report2021-05-07 04:05
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Summary0003222: Illogical text messages after getting Odette, Grace, and Eve pregnant.
DescriptionI got Odette, then Grace, then Eve pregnant in quick succession. Other people have noticed that this results in Grace being in two places at once at one point. But it also results in text messages not making sense. Specifically, while Odette is still in the hospital, Grace texts to say Odette is still in the hospital. Then when Grace is still in the hospital, Eve texts to say Grace is taking her to the hospital. Maybe have them call an ambulance instead?




2021-05-07 04:05

reporter   ~0005300

Since it is possible to get all three ladies pregnant on the same day on the weekend (I've done this multiple times just because). it might be neat to have dialogue/text message triggers for this.

Might even be a neat way to finally break all the tension at the shop about the fact that the MC is boning all three ladies.

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