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0003137Bug Report2021-09-30 05:43
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Summary0003137: Maria not present for Reproducing
DescriptionDuring the main story during the breeding of Maria by the MC, Maria is not present. The MC went to the Pizzaria to get Maria pregnant in the evening. Once the MC interacted with Tony, the bar remaining for the day is empty and the MC has to go into the fridge to reproduce with Maria, only she is not there and the MC cannot leave. I have loaded my save several times to see if there was an issue with the save or time of day but I end up with the same result.


related to 0003163 new Maria not present for Reproducing 




2021-03-26 12:27

reporter   ~0005208

same problem. (336,593 bytes) (330,198 bytes)


2021-04-17 18:53

updater   ~0005272

JackalMech, please provide your save.


2021-04-17 22:22

reporter   ~0005273

I apologize, I almost thought I removed the save, but alas hopefully it uploads. (329,798 bytes)


2021-04-18 00:39

reporter   ~0005274

i am having the same issue but my game version 0.20.9, i dont know if that makes a difference or not but imma post my save here if thats ok. ok apparently my actual saves are too big to upload. so im putting my quick save (502,741 bytes)


2021-05-24 08:29

reporter   ~0005308

Same error for me.
Hope you guys can fix it. (442,125 bytes)


2021-06-04 11:03

reporter   ~0005311

yep, same problem (456,922 bytes)


2021-06-04 19:45

reporter   ~0005313

Same problem here (419,448 bytes)


2021-06-30 21:50

reporter   ~0005321

I have the same issue but am in retain how to provide my save


2021-09-12 17:32

reporter   ~0005357

Same here. This needs to be fixed for the next release. I can't progress with the main story (483,684 bytes)


2021-09-19 11:42

reporter   ~0005366

Part of the issue seem s to be that in case of Maria, after loading the affected save, M_maria and store.machines['maria'] do not refer to the same object. This can be verified by this expression:

M_maria is store.machines['maria']

which is True normally when there is no bug (like for any other state machine as well) but false in this case. As a consequence, all triggers applied to store.machines['maria'] do not affect M_maria, leading to the situation that the state of the latter does not advance further.

I did not find out what exactly leads to the save creating a separate instance of StateMachine for M_maria that is different from the one in the store, nor how this situation could occur in the first place, however.

The bug can be temporarily solved with a command like

M_maria = store.machines['maria']

after an affected save is loaded, letting the story progress normally. However, the bug is not permanently solved as this has to be done each time an affected game is saved and re-loaded.


2021-09-30 05:42

reporter   ~0005370

same problem


2021-09-30 05:43

reporter (492,549 bytes)

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