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0003078Bug Report2021-01-17 23:52
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Summary0003078: [Missing art assets + Suggestions] Tony has no arms for Lasagna scene on Sunday
DescriptionAfter the Saturday Party at the tattoo shop, you can obviously visit on the following day (Sunday) to trigger the Grace and Odette date night setup.

However, since Tony's is closed on Sunday, I decided to why not go visit them in the afternoon at their Apartment.

And as luck would have it, Tony still goes through the normal dialogue for buying lasagna (asking about breadsticks and charging $20) while in the apartment. However after you hand him the money, his arms disappear. See attached screenshot.

The easiest thing would be to obviously, not trigger this in the apartment, and or have Oddete not trigger the date scenario series in the garage until the next Monday.
That said, It's only logical that most players would follow-up with the Tattoo crew the next day (Sunday), after the Saturday party debacle.

It would also make perfect sense that if the restaurant is closed, the MC would try to see if he could get Tony and Maria to make the lasagna for him even if the restaurant is closed, since it's an "emergency".

Even if you wait until a non-Sunday to trigger the event in the restaurant, it would make sense for Tony & Maria to either agree to do it or not based on progress with them (similar to the Josephine interactions during the car repair section of Debbie's route). And it would also make sense for them just give him the food for free ("family" discount), again depending on progress with them.




2021-01-07 06:55


Armless Tony.JPG (88,696 bytes)
Armless Tony.JPG (88,696 bytes)


2021-01-07 07:12

reporter   ~0005152

Funny enough, after a few lines of the usual lasagna dialogue between Tony and Maria, his arms return.
Additionally he's wearing the apron as if he's at the restaurant.

So is Maria (flour handprint and all). Though that still makes sense since even in a situation where they agreed to cook it for you, she'd be the one doing the cooking.

However, at the time I did this in my file, Maria was in the big belly/naked in apron stage of pregnancy. And when she brings out the lasagna, she's not pregnant. Willing to bet even if I'd done this on a non-Sunday in the restaurant, the art assets used for Maria wouldn't have reflected her pregnancy status.

attached screenshot of Tony in Apron inside the apartment as well as a save at the start of Sunday immediately following the Saturday Tattoo Shop party.

Tony Apartment Apron.JPG (97,325 bytes)
Tony Apartment Apron.JPG (97,325 bytes) (465,332 bytes)


2021-01-07 07:15

reporter   ~0005153

One last observation. When the MC leaves with the Lasgana, You are placed outside the restaurant


2021-01-17 23:52

reporter   ~0005165

I support everything darkkuno offered. More inner logic - more players belive into happenin on screen. So it increases the pleasure player gets from a game.

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