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0003056Bug Report2020-11-14 21:47
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Summary0003056: Iwanka naked 24/7 after giving birth, but is undressing before having sex in the evening
DescriptionIwanka gets naked all day all time after she gave her first baby to day care. As much as I admire her nekid body, there is this small glitch that when asking her for sex on the boat in the evening (she is still naked), after she dragged you away under deck, she magically wears her bikini out of a sudden and strips out of it.

Also, if you ask her to have sex in day, she insists that at the moment she is taking a sun bath and you should come back later. It would make sense if she wore the bikini after sun down, having finished her sun bath.

Note that this all occurs only after her first baby. Before that she is naked all day, except in the evening when she wears the bikini -- as makes sense.

Note that this is a bug in 0.20.07 as well. Why can't I chose that release for a bug report?


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