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0003022Bug Report2021-01-17 18:02
Status resolvedResolutionopen
Summary0003022: Graveyard stck
Descriptionafter you complete the first task diane is night if you click on the path to the graveyard and try to go back the game will not let you and end up getting stuck and unable to do anytingh else.




2021-01-15 11:50

updater   ~0005160

Could you please give more info? I can't seem to replicate this error. After moving the wheelbarrow for Diane it becomes night. Entering the graveyard, I can back out perfectly fine.


2021-01-17 16:21

reporter   ~0005161

After you did enter the graveyard you need to interact with the section where the kitty is located and or with the grave related to the treasure chest after you do that is when the error happens and you get stuck I try this several times but the error only pops when you interact with the graveyard after the task with Diane.


2021-01-17 17:28

updater   ~0005162

Could you provide a save just before going to Diane and the wheelbarrow scene? When I start a new save and play up until that point, the cat isn't there, and the grave for the treasure chest isn't interactable yet, and interacting with the other things, and returning works perfectly fine.


2021-01-17 17:51

reporter   ~0005163

I try going in the graveyard after finish the task of the wheelbarrow, clean the yard some more and when is turn night you go inside the graveyard and try to interact with the place I know the kitty is not there yet but I click on the grave where you found it. If that dont got you stuck that means they fix it.


2021-01-17 18:02

updater   ~0005164

Alrighty. I'm gonna mark this as fixed as I can't replicate it in any way. After the wheelbarrow scene, you can't actually clean her garden as the MC says Diane is sleeping. Ticking the game to night, and entering the graveyard, interacting with the graves etc, and returning works. So it probably got fixed with our changes in 0.20.7.

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