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0003008Bug Report2020-09-27 19:25
SeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
Status newResolutionopen
Summary0003008: Pregnancy spin not triggered after sex with Tina
DescriptionThe Pregnancy Spin/Minigame is not shown after ejaculating inside Tina, making it impossible to impregnate her in 20.5




2020-09-27 09:27

updater   ~0005092

At which point are you trying this? Have you completed the main story Part 1 & 2? How many moms are in the hospital at that time with their newborn babies?

This is probably due to trying it on the very first time having sex, at which point it is not possible yet. It will be available at a later point during the Main storyline.

Without an answer, this report will be closed in a week.


2020-09-27 19:25

reporter   ~0005098

I haven't completed the main story yet. I've unlocked the part where I can book sex with her in the evening at her apartment. There are no mothers at the hospital.

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