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0002992Bug Report2020-09-17 08:57
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Summary0002992: Unable to progress Debbie with Josephine Pregnant.
DescriptionWhile attempting to repair the car for Debbie, you are unable to file an insurance claim if Josephine is pregnant. The only conversations available are when she talks about the baby or her father. I have not stayed in game long enough for her to have the baby to see if I can then progress Debbie's story. I would imagine that it will go back to normal once she has the baby but, until then, Debbie's story is stuck.




2020-09-17 08:57

updater   ~0005082

This is actually not a bug. Pregnancies prevent all sorts of route progress and that's just the way pregnancies work. When Josephin's pregnancy is completed, Debbie's route will be progressable like normal again.

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