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0002990Bug Report2020-09-16 00:12
Status newResolutionopen
Summary0002990: Block on Mia and Helen route, stuck at step 6
DescriptionGave Mia tattoo drawing and agrees to meet MC at Sugar Tats on Saturday. She speaks with Grace, then she speaks with MC. MC encourages her to get tattoo then she exits scene leaving only Odette in the chair. On Monday MC asks Mia about Sugar Tats and Mia asks are you still going to meet there? On following Saturdays, Mia does not show up at Sugar Tats. Speaking to her in school or house, she reminds MC to meet her at Sugar Tats. Task list on phone indicates "watch Mia get tattoo".




2020-09-15 22:54

reporter   ~0005076

Following current Jennie event, time is Saturday - Day. Mia will be at Sugar Tats and bug begins (413,259 bytes)


2020-09-16 00:12

reporter   ~0005077

I went back to this save prior to the butterfly sketch, played forward and was able to get passed the tattoo session at Sugar Tats with Mia. I would assume the bug is somewhere in the delta of the 2 saves. (406,877 bytes)

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