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0002922Bug Report2020-09-08 03:14
SeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
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Summary0002922: During MC's first conversation with Debbie, save menu keeps popping up.
DescriptionDuring MC's first conversation with Debbie, the one where he overhears her first phone conversation with the bad guys, the save and setting screen seem to pop up. I counted 3 different times.

This is after she hangs up the phone. And they're talking.

No biggie, but took me out of the rythm of the game.

Also, the following morning, it pops up as MC hears somebody in the shower.




2020-09-08 02:21

updater   ~0004973

Menu should not be randomly popping up. This is likely due to something you're pressing. That's a hard coded feature in renpy.


2020-09-08 02:49

reporter   ~0004975

This menu normally comes up by pressing the escape key. But I'm only pressing the left mouse button. Also, it's popping up during dialogue with other people. Miss Bissette, Judith, and whats'-her-name in the computer lab.

BTW.. this is a clean game. Fresh start. Not a start from pre-release save file.


2020-09-08 02:49

reporter   ~0004976



2020-09-08 03:14

updater   ~0004977

The menu comes up with right clicking as well. You are likely pressing that as well, or your mouse is having an issue with the game. This is a hard coded renpy thing, and nothing we can fix.

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