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Summary0002899: MC's status among the popular girls after Roxxy storyline
DescriptionBasically, it's about Roxxy and/or her friends treating you as a "nerd" even after the Roxxy storyline when they ought to treat you better.

For example, after you get beaten up by Dexter upon trying to defend Erik and you end up in the Hospital, Roxxy acts indifferent to the player as he's knocked out in Mia's arms, which makes no sense.

The second example I've encountered is when you get the Dexter's magazines for Ms. Ross. Becca sees you looking at them and call you "disgusting" (or something along those lines), which seems a bit out of place after the Roxxy storyline.




2020-07-05 15:47

reporter   ~0004950

Roxxy also has an out of place response to the player when he asks her to be a model for Ms. Ross' storyline. The player doesn't even mention nudity in the question, yet Roxxy responds: "In your dreams, dweeb" which seems out of character, but I'm guessing this storyline will be revamped at some point.

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