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0002875Bug Report2021-07-26 17:12
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Summary0002875: Grace, Odette, Eve pregnant at the same time, give birth and all in the hospital at the same time...
DescriptionI was lucky enough to knock up eve, odette, AND grace all in consecutive days and they all gave birth in consecutive days.... so grace is in room 3, and eve and grace are in room 2.... so you have a grace clone happening there. Very minor.
And going home, they all show off their babies at the same time in sequential order, which was kinda funny.
but... they are still in the hospital afterwards... so they are at home with the babies and in the hospital together.




2020-06-01 23:42

reporter   ~0004935

noticed that too when I was attempting to have all four delivery rooms full at the same time. (I did manage it, but was sad that there is no achievement for doing so)


2020-06-15 06:47

reporter   ~0004941

Similar event happened with me. Grace and Odette were Pregnant and gave birth on consecutive days and it caused a few weird interactions and duplicate scenes. especially in the scene where both of them returned home with their babies.
Not a big deal though.


2021-07-26 17:12

reporter   ~0005343

Similar situation, but all 3 gave birth the same day (no coincidence), and poor Grace, having just given birth minutes/hours before, has abandoned her baby, to make the effort to be with Eve. Wow, that's sister dedication!

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