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0002862Bug Report2020-06-15 06:57
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Summary0002862: Jenny-Diane-Debbie softlock
DescriptionIf you trigger the scene where Diane intercepts you going into Debbie's room, it sends you to your room without going through any intervening rooms in the house. This means that if, when you leave your room to go back down to Debbie's, the event to peek in on Jenny's camshow fires, you're drawn into an event that advances the time one tick, and by the time you get down to Debbie's room, it's Late Night and the threesome doesn't happen, but you also can't go to sleep in either Debbie's room or your own because you "still have something to do". I reloaded from the most recent autosave several times and replayed the day with several other possible sets of activities, including just advancing the time without going anywhere, and it seems to be just these two specific events interacting. I also tried doing all of the exact same things during the day except entering Debbie's room and the conflict doesn't happen then (because the threesome event never gets triggered). Example softlocked save attached.




2020-05-13 23:50

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2020-06-15 06:57

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A similar thing happened when this event triggered because I had arranged to meet up with June. getting sent back to my rune caused the June encounter to occur which took a time tick and then I couldn't proceed with anything I couldnt go to a different room as I needed to sleep and couldn't sleep because I needed to resolve the Debbie/Diane scene. needed to reload from an earlier save.

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