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0002848Bug Report2021-01-17 16:21
SeveritymajorReproducibilityhave not tried
Status resolvedResolutionopen
Summary0002848: In mall at evening, saw Rump in stall, left stall and black backgroiund with error saying (could not find mall background)
DescriptionStopped by the mall in the evening. I went into the bathroom, and the bodyguard was there. Mayor Rump was in there doing his thing with a woman. When that scene was over, it put me in the mall at night. The background was missing, except for the storefront buttons. It said that it couldn't find the mall background.




2020-05-15 09:52

updater   ~0004900

Could you please provide a save file from before this happened?


2021-01-15 01:37

reporter   ~0005155

I can provide the save, it is nessesary.
version 20.7 PC (280,122 bytes)


2021-01-15 01:50

reporter   ~0005156

oh, sorry, it was another savefile. my bad!


2021-01-15 09:53

updater   ~0005157

No probs. I totally forgot to close this, but this was actually fixed in update 0.20.6. When seeing the scene of the mayor in the bathroom stall in the evening, the MC is now kicked to the parking lot and not the concourse (as the mall is closed at night), fixing this.

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