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0002713Bug Report2022-10-04 02:52
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Summary0002713: MC and Tony overlapping each other
DescriptionWhen you are in the pizza joint and have a chat with Tony in the evening, him and the MC are overlapping each other




2020-05-04 02:20


Screenshot_19.jpg (217,389 bytes)
Screenshot_19.jpg (217,389 bytes)


2020-05-04 09:16

updater   ~0004724

Could you please elaborate: At what point in the main story exactly does the issue occur? What dialogue is going on?

All these indications, and a save, are useful because Tony is not supposed to be behind the counter in the evening. Thank you.


2020-05-04 13:01

reporter   ~0004735

I will try to reproduce and when / if it happens i will provide a save and more information


2020-05-06 02:02

reporter   ~0004812

With version 20.1 i started over. i belive it got fixed

steps to reproduce
i followed main story until i got to the point where tony got back from the doc.
having the day off, i went to diane's to get her garden done, she gave me a delivery to do to Tony
went back to tony, was told to come back tomorrow
the day after, tony dialogue about doctor came up as soon as i entered. i got out on my way to do a delivery. this took me from morning to afternoon
once back from delivery. i went back into the kitchen of the pizza joint and helped maria make some pizza, this took me from afternoon to evening
i exit the kitchen, and now the milk's delivery dialogue takes place (screenshot_18 shows tony and evening combined)
i then go in back of kitchen and put the milk away
at that point i was coming back up the counter and tony was still there and i could talk to him about italian mafia and that's when i got the other screenshot. I will keep trying to see if i can make him come back in the evening again and duplicate.

Screenshot_18.jpg (237,768 bytes)
Screenshot_18.jpg (237,768 bytes)


2020-05-06 02:40

reporter   ~0004813

going to try another playtrhough without diane's milk to tony to see if it's going to change things


2022-10-04 02:52

reporter   ~0005485

it occured again using latest version

following walkthrough. Maria had her baby and was back in pizzeria, it's at the point where i need to check in with tony after meeting with nadya

Save file attached (353,212 bytes)

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