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0002628Bug Report2020-05-03 16:38
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Summary0002628: Jenny changing places while on the bed with her laptop
DescriptionFor me personally this was after completing her route, but can probably also be seen before that.

When Jenny is lying on her bed in the afternoon with her laptop, if you interact with her nighstand and try to search in there, the scene switches to the MC saying he probably shouldn't do that with her there. In the background, she's suddenly lying on her back with her diary instead of on her stomach with her laptop.

A small discrepancy but one nontheless.




2020-01-25 16:00


Base Profile Screenshot 2020.01.25 - (270,438 bytes)


2020-02-07 18:57

updater   ~0004439

Okay, the problem is there's no blurry background with Jenny using her laptop. So the old one is still being used.

One way to fix this would be to create a new background and code it to become the default one after a certain progress in Jenny's route. Not simple knowing that the backgrounds in her bedroom already support her actual presence.


2020-05-03 16:38

updater   ~0004623

This bug has been confirmed. No ETA on a fix.

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