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0002625Bug Report2020-02-03 15:50
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Summary0002625: Soft lock the game : dexter's locker
DescriptionOpenning dexter's locker before the library quest cause the maths book never spawn and soft lock the french teacher road.

I've seen this bug on 0.15, 0.17 and lately on 0.19.5.




2020-01-24 13:29

updater   ~0004372

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I can't reproduce this issue. You certainly missed a step. Please check the walkthrough of Ms. bissette's route on the official Summertime Saga wiki:

Without reply, the report will be closed within one week.



2020-01-24 19:36

reporter   ~0004379

In every version i've played if i open some locker other than the mine with the master key, even if i do the road, when i open dexter's locker for is book he never spawned.
sadly i've delete my saves as this was softlocked.
i'll try to redo the bug tomorrow and drop the file.

i've try to do the road with the wiki, when i'm asked to get the borrowed books, i take dexter's first and no book on the locker.
i do as the wiki says, talk to him on the morning and get the hint to look in lock', but find nothing.
i play on "cheat" mode.


2020-01-24 21:29

updater   ~0004381

In the walkthrough:
In the afternoon, meet Dexter at the basketball court. He’s not much of a talker either. So, head to the right hallway, open the beaten up locker and collect the book (requires the master key). For sure Dexter has school difficulties!

With "at the basketball court" underlined.


2020-01-25 04:21

reporter   ~0004383

i'll try tomorrow, i deleted 14h on saves bc can't get the book...


2020-02-02 07:28

reporter   ~0004406

Hi, sorry for taking this much time.

I look before getting the quest and do the road normally, the book was here.
No bug so, may you excuse my mistake, keep you awesome work on.


2020-02-03 15:50

updater   ~0004409

I've already submit a proposal to improve Dexter's book acquisition (bug report 0002024). However, this is not a priority in the current development of the game.

As this issue has been resolved, the report is now closed.

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