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Summary0002620: Softlock in school if playing Ms. Ross' and Ms. Dewitt's routes at the same time
DescriptionFrom Neo Nocturna and Summertime Saga Discord:

This involves Ms. Ross and Ms. Dewitt's storylines conflicting with each other, but it seems like any situation that would cause you to pass time within the school during Ms. Dewitt's storyline could cause the same scenario. For Ms. Dewitt, after the auditorium has been vandalized you follow paint footprints up to the Principal's office. After the scene, you're prompted to go meet Eve at the park at night, but attempting to leave the school at this time brings up text prompting you to speak to Ms. Dewitt first and see how she's doing. During this moment after the office scene but before talking to Dewitt, I attempted to progress through Ms. Ross' storyline by delivering the paint required for Principal Smith and Annie's portrait. After mixing the paints and completing the portrait, time then passes and it becomes night time in school. Attempting to leave at this time brings up the prompt to check in on Ms. Dewitt, however because it's now night time Ms. Dewitt is no longer in her classroom and is instead in her office on the 3rd floor. Attempting to talk to Ms. Dewitt in her office does not trigger the dialogue that allows you to leave school, you simply get normal office dialogue with no choices except "Nothing." available. You cannot leave school because you can't talk to Ms. Dewitt and progress the story and to my knowledge there's no normal way to access the map or skip time from within the school itself, so you are trapped in the school unless you have some other means to skip to the next day or force yourself to leave school.

And to resume: if an external event adds a tick when the player is in the middle of the assembly hall graffiti event (Ms. Dewitt's route) in the afternoon then the player is stuck in school forever.

To be tested, reproduced and forwarded.




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This issue has been reproduced:
## Steps to reproduce
1. Take the master key.
2. Progress in Ms. Bissette's route until you've photocopied the French dictionary. Don't come back to Miss Bissette yet.
3. Progress in Ms. Dewitt's route until Eve and Kevin have announced that the assembly hall is ransacked.
4. Wait for the afternoon and enter the assembly hall.
5. Follow the trail into the Principal's office.

## Issue
• The player is now able to enter any other room at school. Instead of going back to the music teacher's classroom, enter the French classroom.
• At the end of the tutoring class, the main character is moved out of school. Reenter the school.
• Try leaving the school and click the "Go back." button: the main character says "I should check on **Miss Dewitt** right now."
• But Miss Dewitt is no longer in her classroom. The player is stuck at school forever.

## Solution
• The player shouldn't be able to enter any other room at school when he is waited in Ms. Dewitt's classroom:
• Lock all the other rooms at school (as done when the player is following the paint trail).
• Or move the main character inside the music classroom directly (less interactive but the player will also avoid any event in the school hall).

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