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0002607Suggestion2020-01-13 09:14
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Summary0002607: Add scenes to cookie JAr
DescriptionThere are some 18+ scenes and cuts, that can be met only once, but defenitely need to be replayable without save-load magic.

-add scene of visiting ciname with Jenny during her route
-add scene of MC stays for 1st time with Bisette (when he touches her tits) or add titstouching animation to their second special lession dialoge (witch is already in CJ, but has only kissing animation)

Eve`s route
- add 1st binoclar rooftop event: topless Tammy Anna jogging and bating Liu Wang within
- add bating Grace, lying on one bed with Eve
- add backs of petting Grace-Odette on their 1st romantic Dinner (it is different from treesome that already in CJ) or spread it to 3rd Eve`s scene in CJ. location_tattoo_apartment_cutscene02.jpg

Diane`s route
-add scene with MC+Diane on couch, including a moment Deb catches them
-spread scene of Daisy sex with background picss when she peeks MC and Diane. location_diane_garden_cutscene12_cow.jpg

+plz check 3 scenes that are missing in game, but are in game resousres (I reported about it in 002606 ticket) and if they will be brought in game (hope yes), add to cookie jar too. They definetley deserve it)




2020-01-12 23:28




2020-01-13 09:14

updater   ~0004337

I agree. Wanted to rewatch the scene with Anna Jogging and Liu masturbating but noticed I cannot without a save, as it isn't in the cookie jar. I wouldn't mind if these would be added too.

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