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0002606Bug Report2020-01-13 19:25
Status newResolutionopen
Summary0002606: Events cant get triggered.
DescriptionSome scenes or cutscenes cant be played. Don`t know do game jumps over them cause of bug or U cutted it from code. At least images.rpy has this pics inside and no chance to find them in game. Check plz.

-Pic of MC looking at kinds doing some rough stuff at a moment he visits daycare 1st time. Previous versions had that pic, now it cant be met. But game resourses still have it.

- Diane milking, supposed to appear when MC finds out who is real milker/moment Diane need help with that vacuum pump. location_diane_garden_cutscene08

- Telescope scene with Tammy and Eric in his room, when they both kiss and Tammy pulls out her tits. location_telescope_erik_day03i. As I remember, previous versions had it, but after some update it has gone.

-Eve bating during playing videogames with MC. location_tattoo_bedroom_cutscene06

- Pink channel now dont have footjob film in it. PLz bring this pic back

Moreover, if all that stuff will took its place in game, add hem into cookie jar too, cause All of them can be found just once, and the point of CJ is to replay parts plaeer like without save-load magic)





2020-01-12 23:08




2020-01-13 19:25

updater   ~0004348

The first image corresponds to a cutscene that is not in the game. The proposal to add it has been made.
The second and fourth images are used in Jenny's route and Diane's route respectively.
The third picture is a scene temporarily removed from the game, while Erik's route needs to be reviewed.
The scene with Eve was never built into the game.

Please do not systematically report unused game content. Developers have reasons to do so as the project evolves, while the game is still in alpha version, and the code and content is constantly being reworked. This is definitely not a bug but intended. Thank you.

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