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0002602Bug Report2020-02-09 15:48
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Summary0002602: Debbie's dresser clickable when she's in her bedroom
DescriptionMC cannot leave Debbie's room, even if Debbie is in there, and he decides to do things with her until he gets her out of the room and is caught masturbating with her panties.

# Clarification
## Issue
• There is a random chance for Debbie to be in her bedroom in the morning after the main character has slept with her (including threesome).
• Debbie's dresser is always available in the morning.
• As a result, the main character can open Debbie's dresser and pick her panties even when she is in the bedroom.
• The main charcter is then stuck in the bedroom and he must have sex with Debbie in order to be able to leave it.

## Intended behavior
• Debbie's dresser shouldn't be clickable when she's in her bedroom.




2020-02-06 20:54

updater   ~0004433

I don't understand the issue. The intended behavior is that the main character is locked in Debbie's bedroom until the step is completed (that is to say, until the main character's masturbation in front of her).

Without reply, the report will be closed within one week.


2020-02-09 02:29

reporter   ~0004448

If the MC goes into Debbie's bedroom with her in there, and goes and gets the panties out of the drawer, he cannot leave the room without first masturbating in them and getting caught, even if he instates the regular bedroom sex scene with Debbie first.


2020-02-09 14:38

updater   ~0004449

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Thank you for adding this clarification. I'm modifying the title and the description so that they highlight the current issue because, as I explained, it's normal to be stuck in Debbie's bedroom after taking her panties.



2020-02-09 15:46

updater   ~0004450

The issue has been confirmed.

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