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0002595Suggestion2020-01-20 18:41
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Summary0002595: Old Eve still seen while Ms. Dewitt gives MC a lap dance
DescriptionAt first I thought "wow they really messed up Eve in the background" but after some digging apparently that was what Eve used to look like, damn I'm glad you guys upgraded her lol. Anyways might wanna update her from being seen in the background while we get a lap dance from Ms. Dewitt, it's nightmare fuel I tell ya.




2020-01-07 15:48

reporter   ~0004300

These will be fixed in the future when the respected path (in this case Ms. Dewitt's) get's updated. You'll see that Principal Smith and Annie are often also the old model in certain situations, like Debbie and Jenny are in the pictures on the MC's PC.

And you're a bit exaggerating, yes she looks better now but "nightmare fuel" is just rubbish.


2020-01-07 19:30

updater   ~0004307

This issue has been confirmed.


2020-01-07 20:32

reporter   ~0004313

Eve also needs updating whilst standing in the assembly hall just before the concert during the same route.


2020-01-08 03:45

reporter   ~0004323

Oh well I haven't realised any noticable differences from other characters like Smith and Annie before though. True, the old Eve comment was hyperbole, but she does look a whole lot better now.

Also great spot kenny. I never realised I was playing a modded unofficial port of the game lol. I mean it did make me like it well enough to support the real thing so I guess that's good.


2020-01-20 18:41

reporter   ~0004364

For the devs: I'm keeping an (uncompleted) list here for things that need updating regarding to characters in current paths (like the original bug report) here:

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