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0002586Bug Report2020-01-13 17:09
Status closedResolutionunable to reproduce
Summary0002586: If you buy the dildo in advance the game is blocked
DescriptionSame issue as 0002573 that got closed with a wrong answer.
If you buy the dildo in advance and get there with the Jenny story line where you have to buy the dildo (the second one, not the first) you cannot do so. You get the message that you already have it and there is no leave button in the shop anymore, so you are stuck there. The quest does not advance here anymore.
It is the part in the story where you go together with Jenny to the mall, not the one before where you are there alone.




2020-01-07 23:20

updater   ~0004318

You have to buy the blue‐and‐white ringed dildo. This item cannot be bought before, so you are confusing it with another one. Please follow the step as written on the official walkthrough.

Without reply, the report will be closed within one week.


2020-01-11 06:34

reporter   ~0004336

Hm, I tried it now two times, but you are right, that it is that way. At least now. I made it to buy the blue one before. Now it seems impossible. And no, it was on 0.19.5, not an old version. But it seems the bug can only appear when you make some special things in a special order. Then it is maybe possible to buy the dildo nontheless and that breaks the quest line.
I am (sadly) a C# programmer, not a python one, so I cannot look into the code what could have happened (I would need days to find the correct way ;))


2020-01-13 17:09

updater   ~0004338

I repeat myself but it is impossible to add this item to the inventory before a specified stage, except by using the developer mode. The issue being impossible to reproduce and resolved, this report is now closed.

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