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0002512Bug Report2019-12-11 13:09
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Summary0002512: Jenny's pregnancy not working
DescriptionSo, I had this bug where Jenny's pregnancy doesn't work. I tried reloading my save from before that, but it again did not trigger.

I'm at the dinner table in the morning and am fooling around. When I cum inside, I impregnate her and get the message "fertilized". She comments afterwards about the cumming inside her. I'Ve waited 14 ingame days (should only be 7) but I never get any message, she still visits me during the nights, I can fool around and have sex with her. She doesn't have different dialogue. It looks like somehow her pregnancy isn't triggering.

This is the first time I'm trying to get her pregnant and the first time I came inside her.

I'm going to check if I can get her pregnant normally during any of the other sex scenes (so checking if it's related to the table scene or not).




2019-12-02 21:20




2019-12-02 21:23

updater   ~0003935

I continued with the same save and crawled in her bed late at night. Now I got the message after 7 days. It's definitely related to the fool around scene at the dinner table.


2019-12-02 21:47

updater   ~0003940

Here are two saves. 27-2 is to fertilize Jenny at the dining table (which never actually starts), the second is of the same save but when I impregnate her whilst sneaking in her bed at night (which does succesfully trigger). (446,552 bytes) (428,842 bytes)


2019-12-02 21:50

updater   ~0003941

I also had a problem with Diane's pregnancy. Just did a breeding session in the barn with her and succesfully impregnated her. After waiting 14 ingame days, nothing, no message, no changes whatsoever.

Attached is a save right before that one.

I was able to impregnate Odette and Grace just fine, not sure why I keep having troubles with Jenny and Diane. (I've not tested Daisy or Eve yet). (416,308 bytes)


2019-12-10 00:03

updater   ~0003960

I can't reproduce this bug on version 0.19.1, including from your save. I guess the problem is that you saved in the middle of the minigame. Loading or continuing after saving from a minigame does not correctly record all the data and effectively cancels the character's impregnation.

Without reply, this report will be closed within a week.


2019-12-10 09:11

updater   ~0003964

Really, could that be the problem? O.o As I did the same with Odette (and with Diane on older versions) and it worked fine for in those cases. Maybe I was just lucky with those?


2019-12-10 09:13

updater   ~0003965

I'll try again for Diane, without saving at that point and test to see if it works.


2019-12-11 11:27

updater   ~0003968

I just tested it. I reloaded an ealier save and tried impregnating Diane, it worked like a charm. Seems that me saving during the pregnancy minigame was indeed the problem. Thanks for the help Casiope :)


2019-12-11 13:09

updater   ~0003969

Ren'Py's saving system is very limited and unstable because this game engine was not designed to create such a complex game, but visual novels where the saving is done after each dialog choice or screen change.
That's why it's not recommended to save in the middle of a conversation or minigame.

The report is now closed.

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