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0002359Bug Report2020-02-03 20:24
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Summary0002359: Unable to ask Roz for the obituary in Aqua's route
DescriptionUnable to continue with aqua game play, go to capt terry and am advised to ralk to older towns folk. Go to.see Roz and no option comes up for ancestry log.


has duplicate 0002461 closed Cant proceed with aqua 




2019-10-23 02:18

reporter   ~0003310

Also this is for android


2019-12-02 13:05

updater   ~0003914

Do you have a save? Roz interacts with many different routes, it is difficult to know where the issue lies. Thank you.


2020-02-03 20:20

updater   ~0004413

Please provide more details next time. Mrs. Johnson's route interferes with Aqua's:

# Steps to reproduce
• Progress in Mrs. Johnson's route until she asks for birth control pills.
• Progress in Aqua's route until the main character wants to talk to Roz.
• Enter the hospital.
• Go on the second floor and try entering the storage room.
• Go talk to Roz on the first floor.

# Issue
• The dialogue option "Ancestry." has disappeared. The player cannot advance in Aqua's route.

# Workaround
• Progress in Mrs. Johnson's route until the next step.

This issue has been confirmed. The report has been updated from 0.19.1 to 0.19.5.


2020-02-03 20:24

updater   ~0004414

Report summary has been updated to facilitate the report browsing.

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