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0002318Bug Report2019-11-06 18:42
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Summary0002318: Old models being used during the Tutorial
DescriptionSo I went ahead and started a new save with the newest version. The one thing I noticed is that several of the old models are still being used during the Tutorial, whilst during the rest of the game, the newer models are being used.

Jenny, Debbie, Annie. They have their old face/clothes. I'm now in Eve's story at the cafeteria and here Annie does have her new model/design, unlike before.




2019-11-06 16:54

updater   ~0003524

Related to 0001835:


2019-11-06 18:42

updater   ~0003533

I close the report because it is neither a bug nor a proposal. The characters' poses are gradually redone. This work will take several versions for all characters to be migrated to the new posing system as they need to be redesigned, readjusted and retested.

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