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0002309Suggestion2020-05-04 01:29
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Summary0002309: Continuity in Mall with other characters
Descriptionwhen caharacter enters mall with jenny, you meet grace (eves sister) as you havce already met her why do you have to go throught the whole meet and greet again




2019-11-05 06:36

reporter   ~0003492

Similar continuity issues if you go through Jenny's route to this point of meeting Grace at the Mall before progressing through Eve's route and her inviting you to the tattoo shop.

Have not tested whether this happens in Mia's route as well, but imagine any continuity issues there will likely have to wait for Mia's rework


2020-02-08 21:46

updater   ~0004445

This issue should be fixed in the next release (0.20).


2020-05-04 01:29

updater   ~0004658

The issue has been fixed in version 0.20.0. Please update the game to the last version. The report is now closed.

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