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0002066Bug Report2019-10-07 23:57
Status closedResolutionreopened
Summary0002066: Save never works
DescriptionI try to save and then go into a new update and I always have to start the game over from the beginning. The first few updates I didn't care and now I am dreading 19 because I know i will have to start allllll over again. Any tricks or a better walk through on how to make it work. Windows OS




2019-10-07 23:48

reporter   ~0003000

didnt see a resolution or help, just closed out. Is there any help?


2019-10-07 23:52

updater   ~0003001

Nope. Read every announcement, patch note, download page, or the discord to get your answer.


2019-10-07 23:54

reporter   ~0003002

pretty rude and crappy response to a patron who has been paying for over a year to your game. I did that and it didnt work that is why i reached out for help.


2019-10-07 23:57

updater   ~0003003

Reach out to the discord then if you have questions. This is for bugs. This isn't a bug. Please stop reopening this issue.

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