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0002063Bug Report2019-10-01 07:43
SeveritytrivialReproducibilityhave not tried
Status newResolutionopen
Summary0002063: Able to take Roxxy's panties before talking to Sormak
DescriptionMC takes panties because "Master Sormak" would like them even though I have not talked to him at all.




2019-10-01 07:43

updater   ~0002998

Indeed, a check is missing that the player has already spoken with Master Somrak. This check exists for Debbie's and Jenny's panties, but is omitted for Mia's and Roxxy's panties. So it strongly suggests that the developers forgot it.

"if M_somrak.finished_state(S_somrak_start)" is the name of this check. New dialogues must also be written in cases where the main character finds Mia's and Roxxy's panties without having spoken to Master Somrak yet.

I verified, this bug is independent of cheat mode.

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