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0002012Bug Report2019-11-19 21:00
Status resolvedResolutionfixed
Summary0002012: Roz first scene is missing in action, Birth Control Pills also
DescriptionVersion 0.18.6.

Often when one bug is fixed, another one is created. That's what has happened with bug 0001849, but here two bugs were created!
Quick reminder: bug report 0001849 explained that Pregnax and the new Birth Control Pills were mixing pretty badly; so I recommended (my bad) to have only one type of birth control pill. And the two previous items were merged into one (Birth Control Pills) in version 0.18.6.

The problem is that Erik, Mrs. Johnson and June's route offers the main character to go to the clinic second floor, enter the storage room and take this item. But if we already took this item in Diane's route, then this step becomes optional: with the Birth Control Pills in our inventory we don't need to go to the clinic anymore, thus cancelling the only way to have Roz sex scene. If we decide anyway to go to the clinic with the Birth Control Pills in our inventory and continue the story with Roz (ask the schedule, use the phone, take the card, enter the storage room), then the scene won't happen because we already have the item (you follow?).

To resume: if we took the Birth Control Pills item in another route, then we're 100% guaranteed to miss the first scene with Roz.
Another problem (yeah!) is that when we give the Birth Control Pills to Mrs. Johnson, the item is now removed from inventory. So no more birth control pills to use!

I think that having both kind of pills (birth control and fertility) given by Dr. Priya is good choice, and having only one type of antipregnancy pills makes the game less confusing. There are two different ways to fix these bugs:
- Remove the Roz scene from this route and make it independent. Remove the requirement of Birth Control Pills for Mrs. Johnson.
- OR change the item asked by Mrs. Johnson to Pregnax again.
Both solutions will ask the devs to work on this part because this bug is major and cannot wait 1 year for Erik's route to be redone.




2019-06-21 23:04

updater (381,451 bytes)


2019-06-21 23:04

updater   ~0002835

This bug is so complicated to explain that a save is better than images as attachment. The save has been done during the first branching, with the Birth Control Pills in inventory. The issue happens on the next step at the clinic.


2019-06-25 22:10

updater   ~0002850

Just erase what I said about Roz scene because I forgot this scene is in Aqua's route and not in Erik and Mrs. Johnson's route. The confusion of the place and fatigue helping, I said a big mistake.

But this doesn't change anything to the issue with the old pregnax pills and Erik and Mrs. Johnson's route part in the clinic which is broken.


2019-11-19 21:00

updater   ~0003686

This bug was fixed in version 0.19. The report is now closed.

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