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0001789Bug Report2019-07-09 20:57
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Summary0001789: Meeting with Ross at night.
DescriptionI checked to see the reported bugs but one mentioned teacher, so I am not sure which teacher is causing day respective reported bug. I also checked the 18.2 log to see if This bug was fixed but it was not listed, so I assume it has yet to be seen or mentioned. This bug is for version 18.0 and can be seen right when meeting Ms.Ross in her private room after completing her entire quest. Before the sex begins, the game will crash and even choosing the ignore option in the crash log will not allow the game to advance.




2019-05-06 21:05

updater   ~0002453

You should have been searching here first.

Duplicate of bug report 0001605. This bug is supposed to be fixed.


2019-07-09 20:57

updater   ~0002879

Fixed like for bug report 0001605.

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