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0001736Bug Report2019-11-05 12:28
Status closedResolutionunable to reproduce
Summary0001736: Debbie is Stuck In The Basement after the screen notice
DescriptionAfter i Found The Screen Notice i go to Debbie Like Normal in the basement with the laundry

but the Sex Option for sex on the washing machine is missing and do not trigger she is stuck down there

you can use all other options and they work after whatever you choose she is back down there




2019-09-22 00:42

updater   ~0002985

I'm unable to reproduce this bug in version 0.18.6.
Did you take the laundry that was waiting in Debbie's room before you joined her in the basement?

The sex scene automatically triggers when you enter the basement with the laundry basket item in your inventory, not Debbie's panties item. This scene can be replayed with the dialogue option "Laundry".


2019-09-23 15:01

reporter   ~0002989

i dont have the savegame anymore


2019-11-05 12:28

updater   ~0003494

This report is now closed because we were unable to reproduce it. You are free to reopen it if you experience it again. A game save will be appreciated.

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