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0001504Bug Report2019-01-28 01:40
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Summary0001504: Debbie's Massage
DescriptionOn my first run after I help Debbie in the laundry I give her a massage, after that, before he goes into her room and take her underwear he mentions the massage and her legs and all that. So far so good.

The second time I didn't choose to help her, I chose to leave. And the massage scene didn't happen. But before he goes into her room he still mentions it.

And the third time I chose to leave again and it happened like the second time. Is this supposed to happen?





2019-01-27 15:20

reporter   ~0001934

I already reported the bug in 0001070. Many steps in Debbie's storyline can be postponed when they shouldn't be. As a result, these steps occur later, at the wrong times. Then, they show a wrong background, they duplicate the character in different places or they can block the progression.

The only answer I have so far is "it will be corrected in a futur Quality of Life update". In the meantime, they will still bug the game.

I advise you to do one storyline at a time, and to not postpone the steps. Debbie, Jenny and Diane have the most bugged storylines because they take place in the same location, MC's home.


2019-01-28 01:40

reporter   ~0001940

Oh, I'm sorry for creating a duplicate. I used the search but I should have paid more attention.

Thank you Casiope!

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