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0001460Bug Report2020-02-09 16:30
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Summary0001460: Following Debbie After She and Diane make up
DescriptionAfter the scene with Diane in the TV room where Debbie discovers things, the MC goes to his room, and Debbie asks him to follow her so she can show him something, it won't trigger the event when going back into her room (there wasn't any energy left when the series of events began, which might have to do with it). Unfortunately, the MC still stops himself from going into any other room or outside the house and says he should follow Debbie, even if it's the next day.




2018-12-29 23:14


Cant_leave_the_normal_way_Issue.png (271,170 bytes)


2018-12-30 17:03

reporter   ~0001872

This might only be minor since you can still get out by going to the MC's room and using the map to go to town, but still might throw people off.


2019-01-05 19:19

updater   ~0001876

Version 0.17.5. See attachments.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Finish Debbie's storyline.
2. Finish Diane's storyline.
3. Wait for the night.
4. Enter Debbie's bedroom.
5. You have the cutscene with Debbie, Diane, MC and Jenny.
6. Debbie asks MC to follow her.
7. Enter Debbie's bedroom again.
8. Debbie is sleeping.
9. Go back in MC's bedroom.
10. Sleep.
11. The next day, try to go out.

• The message "I should follow Debbie." prevent us from going in other rooms.

• After the cutscene with Debbie, the map should be locked (so the players are not able to go outside) as for the bed: clicking on the bed should give the message "I should follow Debbie." (so the players don't skip to the next day).
• For the first threesome only, make possible to have sex with Debbie and Diane at night, as for the evening. Change in script diane_fsm.rpy, line 495:
actions = ["setdefaultloc", [[L_diane_barn_interior, L_diane_barn_interior, L_home_mombedroom, L_home_livingroom]]]
actions = ["setdefaultloc", [[L_diane_barn_interior, L_diane_barn_interior, L_home_mombedroom, L_home_mombedroom]]]
• After the first threesome, change the default locations for Diane. Add (and combine with the previous line) in script diane_fsm.rpy, line 500:
actions = ["setdefaultloc", [[L_diane_barn_interior, L_diane_barn_interior, L_home_mombedroom, L_home_livingroom]]]

Quiproquo.jpg (344,270 bytes) (397,240 bytes)


2019-01-05 19:22

updater   ~0001877

I uploaded the wrong save, here is the good one: (552,910 bytes)


2019-01-05 19:49

updater   ~0001879

This report is the duplicate of bug 0001390 now closed.


2019-05-03 06:46

updater   ~0002281

Forwarded to next update or already fixed.


2019-12-13 17:05

updater   ~0004022

This bug is still not fixed. It has been confirmed and the report has been updated from version 0.17.5 to version 0.19.1.


2019-12-20 23:01

updater   ~0004105

This issue has been fixed in version 0.19.5. Please update the game to the last version. The report is now closed.

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