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0001398Bug Report2018-12-15 15:14
Status resolvedResolutionfixed
Summary0001398: Seasonal code contains exception producting bug
DescriptionOn December 15th, seasonal code will activate to give a 5% chance of seeing Santa's sleigh on the Map. This code contains a single character typo that triggers an exception which leads users to the stacktrace screen.

Each time the game tries to display Santa's sleigh (day or night) the exception will trigger. This means that roughly one in twenty map views will trigger this for all players until December 31st.

To expose the bug ahead of the 15th the following code can be placed in a .rpy file in the `game` directory. It mocks both the date, and the random chance to force the bug to occur consistently.

init 10000 python:
    class testdate(
        def today():
            return, 12, 15) # dec 15

    random.random = lambda: 0.95 # force random chance = testdate # mock today's date




2018-12-12 14:28


seasonal-exception.png (86,328 bytes)
seasonal-exception.png (86,328 bytes)


2018-12-12 14:37

reporter   ~0001748

Turns out I can't read and the chances are actually 10% and 1 in 10 map views respectively.

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