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0001081Bug Report2019-01-26 20:31
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Summary0001081: Game doesn't explain how to progress in Mia's storyline
DescriptionSummertime Saga is not Monkey Island, a famous point&click game where the player has to guess what to do to progress in the story. On the exact contrary, each character in Summertime Saga declares the next step of their storyline. Except at the beginning of Mia's storyline.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Progress in Mia's storyline until MC finishes his homework.
2. Talk to Mia at school.
3. She asks MC to sneak up to her room at evening.
4. So, sneak up to Mia's room at evening.
5. When the scene is finished, MC is teleported outside.

• This step can be repeated indefinetely.
• But Mia's storyline doesn't progress.
• Nothing in her storyline explains what triggers the next step (we have to go down the stairs, something we don't do when we sneak up in the room).

• Make the next step mandatory: after studying with Mia, MC should be teleported in the entrance where he meets her parents.

When I played Mia's storyline for the first time, I visited her room evening after evening with the hope that something happens. Then I found a walkthrough on internet...




2018-11-19 20:24


Mia's storyline.jpg (322,329 bytes)


2019-01-26 20:31

reporter   ~0001931

I add the solution recommended in attachment.

After each visit in Mia's bedroom, MC is teleported in the hallway and has to leave the house. But if he kisses Mia, then her mother will be waiting in the entrance. That makes the next step in Mia's storyline mandatory. Also, please fix the wrong background in the scene between Helen and MC in the entrance (I didn't report this bug).

Helen blocking MC.jpg (235,133 bytes)
Helen blocking MC.jpg (235,133 bytes)

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