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0001047Suggestion2018-11-22 07:47
Status resolvedResolutionfixed
Summary0001047: Sex speed
Descriptionwhen having sex with Roxxy the speed in the las level is so fast and looks crazy jaja, when you finish the sex scene apears the player with trunks and then the next scene with out it.




2018-10-07 03:17

updater   ~0001192

I have attempted to recreate this on my PC, my android phone, and my android tablet, and I get no speed issues with this scene. Can you attempt to record your video and upload it somewhere? Otherwise, I can't recreate this issue.


2018-10-08 00:30

reporter   ~0001193

I'm having an issue with installing the game. Everything downloads fine and the installation is fine till the very end when it's almost done installing it just stops and says app not installed. Whether I download it from the public server or my "unique" kompas patreon server it always happens exactly the same way in the same exact place of the installation. IDK how to post in the bug section of kompas or else I would've posted it there. Can anyone help?


2018-10-08 01:50

updater   ~0001196

Please do not add comments to other reports that do not pertain to that report.


2018-10-10 23:46

updater   ~0001199

After reinstalling, I was able to get this to occur on my tablet. Reported to devs and fixed in next update.

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