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0003475Bug Report2023-01-08 02:47
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Summary0003475: Debbie Bedroom glitch after car is repaired.
DescriptionI am on day 39 in the game. After Debbies car is fixed by the mechanic i return into the house at night. I went into Debbies room (even though i cannot get into bed with her) But upon entering the room, it switches to a daytime view, with the main characters dialogue box talking about going to Debbies underwear draw for his "sweet release" in Debbies bed. As soon as the caption is completed, the view returns to Debbies room at night with her asleep in bed. This repeats if itself if you exit the room and then re-enter it and continues to repeat itself every night until main character Jerks off in Debbies room after she opens her gown. Once this scene is complete, the Glitch no longer occurs.
This occurs in game version 0.20.16 (which is not listed in the menu below)


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2023-01-08 02:47 GeneralAl New Issue