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0003433Bug Report2022-05-15 13:56
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Summary0003433: Eric Missing from den and stuck in the room
DescriptionDuring the sequence where Iwanka comes to a party at Eric's house, there is a major issue. After talking to his landlady Anon proceeds to the basement. Eric states he is in the den. Upon entering the den, Eric is not there and it is not possible to leave the room as it states "(I should speak with Eric)".

I have used The cheat panel to move to the basement and go back to the den. I have used the same to go back to the entryway and outside the house. Each time I enter the den it is the same result. I have restarted the game and my computer.

I resolved the issue by cheating myself out of the house and sleeping for a couple of days. I then went back to Eric's house first thing in the morning and the sequence where Anon meets Eric and June plays. After that the party proceeds properly.

With this I beieve that the problems is a conflict between the finding Eric a girlfriend sequence and the party sequence. Here is a list of how I Got to the bug:
Talk to Iwanka and invte to the party
Choose find Eric a girlfriend
Talk to Eric
Talk to June
Talk to Eric
Go to Eric's for the party


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