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Summary0003333: "Master Key" or "Master Locker Key"?
DescriptionI know there have been a few posts about issues with the key, but I think this is just more of a dialog one that needs to be slightly reworded. If this is a dupe, forgive me. I also know 20.12 just came out, but this issue has been around for at least a couple of previous versions.

When MC forgets his locker combination at beginning of game, Annie comes down with a "Master Key" that she says "opens ever lock and door in the school". It is believed/assumed based on other dialog, that this is the same key that MC later steals to be able to get into every locker throughout the game. If Annie's statement is true though, it creates a conflict between what actually happens in-game, and what the game allows.

If it's a Master Key like Annie says:
Eric is no longer needed to help break into the school in middle of night.
Supply closet should be able to be opened at any time after acquiring the key, especially after you see the group walk in during previous said break in of school.

Possible solutions would be reword what Annie says in beginning of game to be something like "it opens every locker in the school", or make it more clear that the key Annie has is not the key MC steals from principals office later if that's true.


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