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0003321Bug Report2021-10-22 22:20
Status newResolutionopen
Summary0003321: Breastfeeding in bed w Debbie, animation doesn't cycle
DescriptionWhen MC climbs into Debbie's bed there are numerous options from Kiss to Sleep, including Breastfeed (which should really be "Suckle," since Debbie isn't lactating, but whatevs, moving on). When Breastfeed is selected, there is a single cycle of animation, followed with the choice of "Keep Going" and "Stop" buttons.

If "Keep Going" is selected, there is sometimes a single frame of animation, then the KG/S buttons come up again. Clicking KG repeats this, or sometimes there is no animation at all. Selecting Stop brings up the whole menu again.


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2021-10-22 22:20 Fencer New Issue